Architectural space and photographic image: visual metalepsis, essay by María José Prada Rodriguez


Architectural space and photographic image: visual metalepsis

Currently, the representation of architectural space in contemporary art is made in some ways that are not only illusionistic, figurative or projected on the plane of the work, but give perspectives of understanding which include the physical limits of the image itself as much as real space in which it is placed, bringing different diegetic levels together within the artwork and making possible the self-reflexive’s eye of the onlooker.

This paper tracks down authors in photo-installations and pieces of work based on bidimensional photographic image that put in question the relation between reality and representation through mechanisms of disruption, collapse and displacement, such as Aitor Ortiz, Mike Hewson, Ofra Lapid or Patrick Grijalvo.

Keywords: Photography, installation, architectural space, visual metalepsis, presence. 

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Studies in Visual Arts and Communication an international journal